Secret Venice Places

You will find some characteristic places, perfect for an alternative visit of the city of Venice

The apartments of San Marco Suite 755 are located in the heart of Venice, from here you can walk through the calli of the city and visit every corner.

Below you will find some characteristic places, perfect for an alternative visit of the city of Venice: a visit to the most famous places is a must, however the places we have chosen will be often not well known places in the city.


The location of San Marco Suite is the key point of the experience, located in a strategic point of Venice, you can reach the Rialto Bridge in a couple of minutes on foot and once you arrive at the foot of the Bridge, on the side of San Bartolomio, raise your eyes and you can admire a bronze-colored sculpture that in the confusion never jumps out of sight: the golden head teaches of an ancient Spezieria.


A few steps from the Rialto Bridge, near the Fish Market, you can stop to take the most famous gondola ferry in Venice "Traghetto Santa Sofia" which will allow you to cross a short stretch of the Canal Grande and leave you in the heart of the Cannareggio district. From here you can continue inside the sestiere ina symbolic place of the city, the Jewish Ghetto.

One of the first Jewish places of worship in Europe and the very first to be renamed with the name "ghetto".

Once you leave the ghetto, a walk through the calli will take you to another very special point, the Ponte del Chiodo, one of the two bridges of Venice without parapet, the last remaining example of the architecture of the ancient Venetian bridges, without parapet.


A few minutes away from Ponte del Chiodo, you will come across the characteristic Libreria Acqua Alta.

Here you can take some artistic photos for your social profile or just enjoy the magic of this glimpse of the canals of Venice surrounded by all kinds of books and some vintage objects.

The books have been placed inside tanks, gondolas or canoes but no bookshelves! At first glance it will seem a bit messy, but the atmosphere will make you understand that everything has its own order.

And don't be surprised if between one book and another or in the middle of some pile you find a kitten asleep, with the owner, are the boss of the bookshop! They love it!


Continue your walk towards St. Mark's Square, if you want to stop for a free or guided tour inside the Basilica and Doge's Palace, or walk along the street "calli" towards the Royal Gardens of Venice and continuing on to the Accademia Bridge which, once crossed, will take you to the Dorsoduro district and you can visit the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, part of the Punta della Dogana, triangular point of division between the Grand Canal and the Giudecca Canal.


If you want to continue to visit the Dorsoduro sestiere, let yourself be transported through the calli of the city, or if after such an intense day you want to rest in your Suite, retrace the road that brought you to Punta della Dogana, cross the Accademia Bridge again and go back to the hotel passing through Ponte Del Lovo, the only place not elevated where you can admire the bell tower of San Marco from the view on the canal.

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