Our Commitment to your and our Health

It's nice to know that you plan to spend your time here at the San Marco Suite 755 and we wholeheartedly want you to be comfortable with us!

Our Suite apartments will guarantee you the privacy you need to spend a safe holiday in the wonderful Venice. 
We have made some essential precautions to make your holiday safe, precisely because one of our priorities is the safety of our Guests and our staff.


  • Sanitize the room at each departure to ensure the next guest a hygienic
  • Maintain a proper preventive behavior to ensure compliance with hygiene and safety protocols and safe environment
  • Clean and sanitize common areas several times a day
  • Ensure and enforce safety distance
  • Sanitize several times a day all surfaces of greatest contact (such as the reception desk, the handles, the switches, the handrails)
  • Assign yourself an individual code for access to your apartment for the duration of your stay
  • Offer hand sanitizer dispenser in all common areas
  • Constantly aerate all environments
  • Make disposable gloves and masks available to our guests
  • Being as welcoming as ever :) 


  • Guaranteed cleaning and disinfection thanks to the specific products for surfaces and floors
  • Sanitization of incoming rooms with specific equipment and ecological products with low environmental impact
  • Cleaning of the air conditioning filters of the rooms at each new arrival with appropriate certified sanitizing products


  • A training program on all the prevention and protection measures for all the members of staff will be implemented to guarantee their own and all guests’ safety
  • Strict procedures for suppliers and technical assistance firms accessing the building are already in place


We will commit daily to make your stay and our work as safe and pleasant as possible.

But one thing is certain: our desire to welcome you will always be the same!