Venice and Milan create a synergy of hospitality

San Marco Suite 755 and Galleria Altido, two facilities that share smart services, designer furnishings and a location in the heart of their respective cities, have entered into a collaboration with the aim of guaranteeing the same quality to guests.

The goal is to offer guests the same quality, so those who had a good time in Venice can receive the same level of hospitality if they stay in a similar structure in Milan.

San Marco Suite 755, with its ten exclusive apartments very close to Piazza San Marco, is a structure that is part of the Mjh Hospitality Group managed by the Schiavon family and Galleria, the Smart Boutique AparHotel with two suites and ten rooms a stone's throw from the Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II of the Ospitami Group directed by Alessandro and Federica Corona, have some similar characteristics.

Both structures offer smart services: for example, they have digital access to the door and rooms which guarantees maximum independence and privacy, a bit as if it were a private home.
Both Galleria Altido and San Marco Suite 755 are located in the heart of their respective cities: they therefore embrace a transversal target that includes business men and women, tourists and families or couples looking for a romantic, cultural trip or a recreational weekend in the city.

The furnishings are designer and pay attention to the quality of the details and the elegance of the finishes.
Both Galleria Altido and San Marco Suite 755 make use of a series of services that recall the pampering of luxury hotels and make guests feel truly at home.


For all these reasons the two structures have created a synergy.

Staying at the San Marco Suite 755 has an extra advantage: in fact, guests will receive a flyer with a 10% discount on their next stay at the Altido Gallery in Milan.

To take advantage of the discount, simply go to the Gallery's website and enter the code.

A meeting designed to offer certainties to its customers who are looking for a smart, design structure in the heart of the city.


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